The IT security consultancy forms a bridge between the business functions of the companies and the technical areas that operate the technology.


Modern information protection
Audit, risk analyze and management, regulate. We implement and operate protection measures - but all differently than the others. Monitoring and keeping up to date with the latest security threats, sources of danger, and risk factors.  

Constantly informed about the latest developments in defense technology.  

We create a profile of the industries: what are the possible motivations of cybercriminals due to their operation, what kind of behaviours are associated with it, and what profession can pose a threat.  

Providing our customers reliable risk-proportionate solutions.
Secure digitalization
We know that companies ’digitalization efforts are pushing the boundaries of traditional IT security. Market competition is also technological competition, where those who not only keep pace but also take the lead win. When it comes to the safe implementation of our clients ’development programs, we are maximalists.  

Our mission is to create a state-of-the-art security environment without restriction in our business goals, in which our partners can get closer to their customers without compromising their data.  

Our service includes IT security expert oversight of digital developments - including risk analysis, planning and quality assurance. Our solutions can be easily integrated with existing information security management systems.
Holistic SOC solution
Thinking comprehensively about the safety of operation, our starting point is to make the Security Operation Center (SOC) an essential element of a modern IT security system.

At ViVeTech, we believe that in its view, SOC is not only a reactive protection measure, but also a solution responsible for the up-to-date, holistic development of IT security systems, which is adapted to the threat space surrounding a given company.
Rationalized compliance
We keep the interests of our customers in mind. Compliance with standards and laws often results in a loss of security interest, however, it needs to be more important in a company's life.

Providing compliance services based on ISO 27001 and NIST standards, as well as Act 2013 / L, in which these two interests can be reconciled.  

Our audit, risk analysis, regulatory and other preparedness methodologies have been developed to know the threats beyond the requirements, the best practices for defending against them, but also the day-to-day challenges of the companies. We strive for a healthy balance in the business interests of our clients.
Safe home office environment
The coronavirus epidemic has significantly transformed the work practices of many companies. Working from home has shifted a significant portion of operational risks to a place where it is very difficult for the company to control. All of that creates many new problems and challenges.  

• How to create a safe working environment where the family is also a potential risk factor?
• How to secure data transmission over the private Internet?
• How can the home be protected from social engineers?
• What are the information security risks of commuting between home and work?
• What opportunities does a company have to assess risks and what technological as well as     administrative controls can make a Home Office secure?  

Companies has solved remote work technologically, but cybercriminals are also expected to adapt quickly to that new situation. The next step is to provide the same level of protection for remote work as before. Our services can help you to solve this issue with our expertise.

Project Management

Project quality
We care about our projects to deliver as much value as possible to our clients.

Project quality assurance services reduce and eliminate risks to quality by making quality assurance activities an integral part of the project process as well as ensuring compliance with requirements, from procurement to commissioning. In this way, taking care what the project has undertaken is realized according to the expectations of our customers.  

• Already in the procurement phase we check the technical content.
• When designing, we ensure that quality is part of the project processes.
• During implementation, we monitor and examine the fulfillment of the requirements, taking     into account that the project should be accountable, not just completed.
User-experience oriented business analysis
User experience is one of the top considerations in our business analytics.  

• What makes this system easy to use?  
• What changes are needed to avoid the burden of using the system?  
• How can we make it even easier to use? - we provide customer-friendly answers to these questions.  

We think the way our customers do, as a result, our software “not only” works well, it’s also easy to use.  

• Preparing development proposals, create specifications or draw wireframes.
• Performing software ergonomic reviews.
• Performing usability testing.
Solution-focused project management support
Results instead of objections - this is how we think about project management. We are looking for a solution so that the project does not control the project management.

We have already worked on key EU IT projects, know that the indicators must also be met and understand the ins and outs of accounting. We led a large research and development projects as well as smaller expert tasks to success.  

The key to our success is that we supported the work of our clients with practical tools instead of methodological presentations. We offer a unique solution for each participant in the project.  

Project manager
Depending on the project, we manage, coordinate or provide assistance. We are in control of the project.  

Project Doctor
We return the control: to assess the risk points of the project, developing an action plan, and, if required, supporting the implementation.  

Project mentor
If the basics are in order, you may still need some professional advice from an outside eye. We provide regular counselling at the competence level.
People-centered project processes
We believe in organized processes and solutions, so people are also at the heart of our project methodology. The key to our solution is the management of projects along regulated and transparent processes. Well-defined and well-known processes make projects transparent and traceable.  

We care about the team to achieve their own success:
• Based on interviews and professional perspectives, we assess where the organization is now in the field of project management.
• We develop project methodologies, regulations, tools and documentation environments based on proven techniques with the involvement of our clients' colleagues.
• We introduce and teach this methodology to our clients to provide not only regulations, but practices that can be used the next day.
Lifelike project management
Projects are driven to success by people, not methodologies and regulations.

In our trainings for beginner and practicing project managers, we share our own experiences and good practices with those who want their projects to be more successful.  

Topics of our trainings:
• "psychology" of EU-funded IT projects,
• ready-to-use project management techniques,
• techniques to improve personal productivity
Our  experts are at your disposal with up-to-date knowledge. Ask for their help!
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