About us

Our unique people-centered approach combines ergonomic and technological considerations to create maximum business value.

Who we are

ViVeTech is a Hungarian-owned IT consulting and development company operating  successfully since 2011, which focuses on the interaction between human and  technology. In accordance with our mission, aspects of ergonomics also play a prominent role in the novel approach represented by our information security  branch, as a guarantee for added business value.

The  primary goal of our business is to enable our customers to consciously assess  and handle their operational risks, and to increase their competitiveness  through the measures put in place.

We at  ViVeTech place great emphasis on research and academic cooperation in each of  our fields of expertise, thus in information security as well. We like to  think of ourselves as a scientific workshop, where we study different aspects  of the human-machine interface.

The  ViVeTech approach

The  pursuit of security is a basic need, so it is as old as mankind itself, thus  its methodology has been well-established for thousands of years. According  to this, we feel safe if we know what is happening around us, and in addition  to this knowledge, the tools with which we can intervene in undesirable  processes if necessary are available to us. Thus security is based on  informed, real-time decisions.

Over  time, we have also learned that usually another human poses the greatest  threat to us. Thus when organising protection, it is of key importance to  assess human factors.

We at  ViVeTech believe that ergonomically designed security systems significantly  decrease the amount of damages caused accidentally; security rules configured  this way hinder attackers more than business users. Ultimately,  people-centred security measures deliver more business benefits.


Miklós Márton
chief  executive officer, chairman of the board of directors
Economist.  He has international commercial and marketing manager experience acquired at  domestic and multinational companies in the field of IT  security.Earlier, he has worked in the position of key account manager,  then of deputy general manager of business. Currently, he manages the  commercial and business development area of ViVeTech as the chief executive  officer of the company.
Kata  Botyánszky
chief  financial officer, member of the board of directors
Economist  with legal specialisation, tax expert, public procurement expert. She  established a career at multinational companies, and then became the chief  financial officer of the domestic subsidiaries of these companies. She has  participated in multiple successful acquisitions, admissions to  trading.After filling the position of deputy general manager of finance  at a significant domestic IT company, she is currently responsible for the  management of the financial and legal field at ViVeTech.
Róbert  Rádai
chief  operating officer, member of the board of directors
Computer  science engineer, project management expert. He has extensive experience in  branch management and consulting acquired at companies providing services on  the domestic and international market in the fields of software development,  quality assurance, information security, and project management. Currently,  he manages the consulting and development areas of ViVeTech as the chief  operating officer of the company.

Supervisory  board

Zoltán  Karászi
chairman of the supervisory board
Electrical  engineer, economist. He has performed and is performing chief officer  and business development functions in the fields of industry, energetics, and  the semiconductor industry, in multinational and self-established  companies.His direct field of expertise is the international  Testing,Inspection & Certificationsector, where he has been  the manager of the Hungarian branch and the Central Eastern Europe region of  TÜVRheinland.Among other things, he is currently performing owner  and general manager functions at TAM CERT Kft., a partner of TÜV AUSTRIA, and  he is one of the founders of the QTICS Group.
Szilvia  Csősz
member  of the supervisory board
Certified  public accountant, economist. During her professional career, she was the  chief accountant of a market-leading, British-owned logistics company, then  she filled a similar position at an information security company. She has  acquired her relevant experience via her effective involvement in preparing  the financial statements of these companies, and preparing, preliminary  planning of regular monthly reports, statements for the owners. Her primary  area of expertise is accounting. Currently, she is the manager of an  accounting office.
Ferenc  Tamás Molnár
member  of the supervisory board
Mathematician.  One of the founders ofViVeTech. He has acquired experience in software  development, systems design, project management and product management at  Hungarian and international companies.He was the manager of the  Netlocktrust service provider for three years. He is the founder and  leader of the companiesEveritand CCLab. He is a lecturer at the  University of Debrecen. He is an expert onleanand agile product  development.

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