Automated information security management system for critical infrastructure providers.
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ISMS simply, flexibly, and cost-efficiently?
YES. It can be done this way too!

ViVeSec is an application platform that, owing to its high level of automation and integration, implements the complete and efficient operation of the information security management system (ISMS) in a single system.

Its built-in automatisms and its templates customized for the industrial sector make everyday work easier, and enable to create a system which can be operated even by a single-member security operation.

The ISMS introduction and efficient maintenance of critical infrastructure providers can be implemented quickly and without risk.
✓ Industry-specific solution
✓ Standardised IT security processes
✓ Auditing expenses reduced by half
✓Low demand for live work and competencies
✓ Easy-to-introduce software service


Inventory and knowledge base
Everything in one place: the description of the structure and operation of the given organisation, assessment and data recording functionality, templates and lists supporting its operation, and other information.
The information security management system (ISMS) establishes and operates the information security management frame which contains all the related tasks and activities.
Risk management
The risk management module controlled by the workflow supports the entire process of risk management using the templates stored in the Inventory.  
Business continuity management
Using the workflow-driven BCM module, various emergency management plans and scenarios can be created. Thus the business effect of resource loss caused by the occurrence of an event can be minimised.
The key to compliance is a two-level audit system: The“Compliance audit” is capable of tracking the state of mapping the external requirements in real time, and dynamically changing the report system describing this. The “Internal audit” compares the information from the mapped regulations and those from the customary law applied.  
It is capable of creating and customising the comprehensive regulatory system, the regulatory levels of each chapter of which are also affected by the risk analysis results. 
Operation Security (OPSEC)
With its analysis functions, ViVeSec is also capable of ensuring the security management of security technologies (firewall, IPS, WAF, VM, etc.) and keeping their protection level up to date.
Incident management
ViVeSec also contains a built-in incident management module developed specifically for information security tasks, which goes beyond traditional ticketing functions.
“Our mission is to use the analytical capabilities built into our software and our expertise to provide international and domestic industrial companies and infrastructure operators with services that optimise their operation, and significantly increase the speed of industrial and regulatory compliance for them.”
If you would like to optimise your IT security processes easily and cost-efficiently, please contact us for our expert assistance or further information.
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