A new target on the cybercriminals’ map: the critical manufacturing sector 


In recent years, cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, once considered rare, have become increasingly common, with the manufacturing sector being the most vulnerable. In 2022, a significant part, 37 percent of manufacturers were victims of malicious virus attacks, and their vulnerability increased by 38 percent in one year.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise around the world and are increasingly threatening critical infrastructure. Microsoft reports that the proportion of attacks on critical infrastructure supported by sovereign states, whether technological, financial or otherwise, doubled between July 2021 and June 2022, reaching 40 percent.

Critical manufacturing is a sector that is still too vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The critical manufacturing sector includes industrial production of primary metals, machinery, electrical equipment, appliances and components, and transportation equipment. SecurityScorecard analysed critical manufacturers on the Forbes International list. The results were staggering, with more than 75 percent of companies having serious vulnerabilities discovered in their systems. 37 percent of the vendors surveyed were victims of a virus attack within the last year.

Governments around the world recognise the severity of the situation and are using investment incentives and regulatory tools to improve the resilience of critical manufacturing infrastructure. In addition to government incentives, it is important that companies themselves are aware of the problem and prepare against cyber-attacks. ViVeTech also provides professional assistance to critical infrastructure operators inbuilding and operating security systems.

Source: Cyware.com

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