Clarabot is preparing for CC certification with the support of ViVeTech


Clarabot is about to obtain one of the world's most stringent security certifications. The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation - or CC for short - is an international standard for computer security certification (ISO/IEC 15408). It is a framework in which users of computer systems specify their functional and warranty requirements for security, and service providers provide security certification and warranties for their products. These are based on rigorous testing and retesting. The CC is a combination and evolutionof three security standards: the European ITSEC, the so-called "Orange Book" of the US Department of Defense and the Canadian CTCPEC. It is considered one of the most rigorous and serious security standards in the IT profession, or as Miklós Márton, CEO ofViVeTech, says, "it is the Volvo of security standards."

It is no coincidence that obtaining such a military-grade security certificate is a complex task, but it gives significant confidence to the customers of an IT company, and it is also a great market advantage. Only a handful of Hungarian IT companies have such certification, and Clarabot is about to join them. ViVeTechis assisting Clarabot in the certification process with its essential expertisein cybersecurity standards and regulations.

Clarabot is best known for its encrypted file-sharing service, Nano, which allows an unlimited number of users to share unlimited amounts of data with peer-to-peer encryption much faster than previous cloud-based solutions, as the data is not stored on an intermediate server. It allows you to share files of any size with minimal download time, and the shared files, folders and drives can be accessed from any device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). The software also has an advanced search function: you can search not only for keywords within documents and PDFs, but also for metadata. Nano is compatible with any operating system and requires no IT skills to use. László Tajti and Nándor Mátravölgyi's company was included in the top 100 Hungarian innovations in 2021 and was shortlisted this year in the final of the prestigious Global Infosec Award, given by Cyber Defense Magazine every year.

"The main advantage of Nano is its enhanced confidentiality. This of course requires a guarantee for our customers. With the help of ViVeTech's expertise insecurity certificates, we would like to obtain one of the most serious certificates in the industry for Nano," said László Tajti, CEO ofClarabot, explaining why his company chose ViVeTech as a partner.

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