Cloud use and the rise of AI could pose the biggest security risks for businesses


While the number of successful ransomwareattacks and data breaches has fallen by 30 percent in the past year, the numberof corporate cybersecurity incidents has increased by 51 percent, according to Scale 2023. And last year, for the first time, artificialintelligence was added to security professionals' risk list. However, for now,the proliferation of cloud-based systems and the lack of IT security professionalsare the biggest culprits behind corporate security breaches.

Last year, 71 percent of organizationsexperienced three or more security incidents, a 51 percent increase from theprevious year. Most reported problems with cloud usage, with half of securitymanagers surveyed having experienced at least one cloud incident in the past 12months. Cybercriminals are keen to exploit the inexperience of companies andemployees in cloud use, who regularly log into multiple cloud services, oftenfrom outside the traditional, well-managed corporate network.

For the first time this year, the softwaresupply chain made the list of security issues, with 34 percent of companiesexperiencing some kind of disruption, and artificial intelligence modelattacks, which occurred at 20 percent of companies last year. As AI modelsbecome more prevalent in organisations, almost half of security leaders areconcerned that hackers will use these tools for their own purposes.

One of the biggest challenges for securitymanagers remains finding the right cybersecurity professionals. 57 percent ofcompanies cited not having enough specialists as the biggest barrier toachieving their desired security posture, a significant increase from 42percent last year. Cloud security was cited by 60 percent of security leadersas the area where they have the most difficulty finding a specialist. Becauseof this, 62 percent of companies plan to focus more resources on automatingsecurity processes.

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