Companies are threatened by cyber attacks from within the organisation


It isnot only from external sources a business can suffer a cyber-attack, there are tentimes as many virus infections coming from inside the organisation than fromoutside. Most times, employees fall into the trap of scammers due toinattention or lack of awareness, but there are also some who deliberatelytarget their employer. Today, companies still pay little attention tocybersecurity training for their employees, even though they could savethemselves serious losses with just a small investment.

Anyone havinga certain level of security clearance to a company's computer system and datais a risk to the organisation. Current and former employees, suppliers andbusiness partners can inadvertently or deliberately disclose confidentialinformation and critical data that, if leaked, could cause serious operationaland financial damage to the business.

One of themost common threats is phishing emails or chat messages that employees click onin good faith. It is also common for an employee to install software or connecthardware that comes from an external source and has not been checked by theadministrator. The absolute nightmare for companies, however, is the employeewho deliberately sells confidential information on the dark web. In addition,employers themselves can be held accountable if they do not immediatelyterminate an employee's access or don’t update their IT security systems regularly.

Insiderthreats can be avoided with thorough company-wide policies, procedures andtechnologies that help prevent misuse of privileges and mitigate potentialdamage. Regular training of staff is also essential to keep their knowledge upto date and to identify threats. Regular company-wide risk assessment,documentation and implementation of policies are also essential for secureoperations. However, many businesses lack the capacity and resources toimplement cyber security measures. In such cases, ViVeTech's experts can helpby providing customers with the latest market knowledge and tailored solutions.

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