Companies hide up to half of hacking attempts


Cyberattacks increased by 38 percent worldwidelast year, with around half of the damage to organisations not being reportedeither internally to senior management or externally to the authorities,according to a recent study. One reason for this may be that corporate boardmembers are often unaware of the risks of online operation and underestimatethe importance of cyber security.

Of the IT executives surveyed, 40 percent haveexperienced a cyber-attack and 74 percent admitted to being concerned about a future"cybersecurity disaster" affecting their company. The researchreveals worrying shortcomings in reporting attacks, with 41 percent ofrespondents failing to report incidents to management and nearly half (48%)concealing them from the relevant authorities. The latter omission is largelydriven by fear of consequences (43%) and short-term concerns about brand damage(36%), followed by a feeling of not being necessary (36%) and forgetfulness(32%).

When asked about the reasons for not reportinginternally, 48 percent of IT managers said they did not think management wouldbe interested in a cyber-attack. Another survey found that business leaders oftenlack the right level of IT knowledge, which often puts their companies atgreater risk. Fifty-nine percent of board members admitted that their boarddoes not really understand cyber risks and their impact on their organisation.This often puts online security at the bottom of the priority list, which inturn can cause serious damage to companies both financially and in terms ofdata security.

The research shows that companies with aworkplace culture based on transparency and trust can also be ahead incybersecurity. ViVeTech can help companies build the right cyber defences. Ourstaff supports our customers with up-to-date market knowledge and tailoredsolutions.


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