Cybercriminals threaten the security of our homes


Smart home devices can be a great help in everyday life, making our homes more comfortable with their practical uses. However, while most of us are aware of the risks of connecting our laptops to the internet, we don't necessarily take these risks into account when it comes to IoT devices in our homes. This can make us an easy target for cybercriminals.

Smart home devices will want to know everything about us, to make our lives easier and more comfortable by optimising the functions in our apartments. But cybercriminals are also interested in personal information and private data. There are several steps we can take to prevent malicious attacks. Always change the default name and password after installing WiFi.  Connect each device to the Internet via Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, if possible. A popular method for fraudsters is to use fake networks to gain access to users' systems. To avoid this, in addition to strong and unique passwords, be sure to use two-factor authentication to ensure control over your home network. And keep your devices up to date, always running the necessary updates.

To reduce risks, only buy smart devices from well-known brands that we know make security a top priority and have internationally recognised security certifications. For ViveTech's partner, smart home provider Chameleon, the highest level of cybersecurity is apriority, and has therefore obtained a certification that guarantees the service meets the most stringent criteria. For more information about the smart home solutions, visit Chameleon's website.

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