Europe must prepare for the increasing volume of cyberattacks


The German cyber security agency (BSI) issued a warning in October, stating that the threat of cyberattacks is higher than ever. Virtual criminals are targeting sectors that were not previously in their focus, and the prolongation of the war will further intensify their aggression.

Earlier this year, thousands of wind turbines in Central Europe were remotely controlled by hackers. And at the end of October, a widespread cyber attack hit Europe's metals and mining industries, including Europe's largest copper smelter. The attack forced the copper smelter to disconnect from the internet, forcing the company to manually manage incoming and outgoing products. Such strategically important companies and infrastructures have not been targeted by cybercriminals in the past, so in many cases their defences may be outdated and vulnerable.

The German cybersecurity agency BSI recently issued a warning that critical and major infrastructures face an unprecedented threat from the spread of cybercrime. This is not only affecting private organisations, but also the public sector, and the impact is being exacerbated by the prolonged war between Russia and Ukraine. For example, recent hacking attacks on the parliament in Warsaw and Bratislava and on Bulgarian government websites may be linked to the governments' criticism of decision-makers in Moscow.

It is increasingly certain that Europe will have to prepare for more serious cyberattacks as the war drags on. As we have written before, modern wars are not just fought with weapons: there are also huge battles in cyberspace. The solution is to strengthen critical and important infrastructure in cyberspace. ViVeTech can help secure the continent's service providers with out expertise and proprietary software solutions, with a special focus on critical infrastructure protection.

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