Hackers threaten the security of the European rail sector


Like other critical infrastructure, thetransportation sector is increasingly dependent on digital systems. Security isa key issue for the transport of people and goods, but so far, the focus of thevarious operators has been on physical security. As a valuable but vulnerableindustry, transportation has already attracted the attention of cybercriminals.

According to Cybertalk data, between June 2020and June 2021, the number of ransomware attacks in the transportation sectorincreased by 186 percent. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are on the rise in allsectors around the world, but one of the most affected is transportation, wherethe majority of companies have been less concerned with building cybersecuritysystems and more focused on physical security.

With 472 billion passenger-kilometres, 216 000km of active railway lines and 430 billion tonne-kilometres of freight, therail sector plays an important and rapidly growing role in the development ofthe European Union and the protection of EU markets. However, with the digitizationand automation of processes, rail transport is also becoming an increasinglytempting target for cybercriminals, while security measures are still in theirinfancy. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, the rail industry needs toadopt proactive rather than reactive security practices to stay one step aheadof online criminals.

Real-time alerts and continuous monitoring arean effective security solution, giving rail operators full control over theirsystems and the ability to quickly address potential threats. In addition to continuousthreat detection, operators need to be supported with practical knowledge toreview alerts and take the necessary action. ViVeTech's priority is to provideadvice and state-of-the-art solutions to support the secure operation ofcritical infrastructures, so that the companies concerned can get on with theirday-to-day business.

Sources: cybersecurityguide.org, railway-cybersecurity.com és gca.isa.org

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