Proactive threat detection can protect organisations from cyber attacks


An online attack can cost a lot to a company.Any enterprise that proactively detects cyber threats through a so-called"threat hunt" can save a lot of money. The idea is to use automatedsolutions alongside real people to scan digital processes and spot anythingthat gets past the first line of defence.

Automated security tools can detect around 80percent of threats, leaving the remaining 20 percent to the experts. Manualdetection is essential, as this 20 percent is more likely to containsophisticated threats that can cause significant damage to a company. Attackerscan evade detection for up to 280 days, patiently waiting to gather enough dataand confidential information to unlock further access, setting the stage for amajor data theft. The longer the time between a system failure and a response,the greater the loss to the organization. According to IBM, the total cost ofan online attack of this type is $4.35 million on average. And the adverseeffects can last for years.

Threat hunters are trained IT securityprofessionals who search for, log, monitor and neutralise threats before theycan cause serious problems. They look for hidden malware or attackers and lookfor suspicious patterns of activity that a computer might miss. They also helpto continuously improve the existing security system of the company.

Team Cymru's survey of security analysts alsohighlights the importance of the role of real professionals. The responses showthat a poorly organised or managed threat hunting programme leaves organisationsvulnerable. 59 percent of analysts say their program is not effective enough,and nearly half (46%) of those satisfied with threat hunting say the number onereason for effectiveness is the use of skilled analysts behind the program.

Threat hunting is therefore a very usefulprocess that can help both in prevention and remediation. No company can affordto sit back and wait for hackers to find it, which is why ViVeTech recommendsall its customers to proactively look for threats and take several steps toprevent cybercriminals.

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