Will web3 bring us a safer internet?


Web3 is the next stage in the evolution of the internet, where singular users and content creators are taking over from large corporations through blockchain-based technologies. This process could bring back the more democratised internet model of the 90s, but it is still questionable what impact web3 will have on cybercrime.

When the world wide web was launched in 1991, anyone could upload texts and files to the internet, but there were only static contents. In the mid-2000s began the second generation. This is the era of centralized services operated by large corporations, when the spread of social media made instant content creation and sharing available to the masses. This concept still dominates the internet today, but there are growing signs of a third generation.

Web3 is a decentralized, blockchain-based online ecosystem where users are gate keepers instead of platform and application developers. Through blockchain technology, userscan participate in the development and maintenance of online services and even have similar decision-making power as traditional investors. The rise of Web3 is transforming our understanding of cybersecurity. Decentralised, blockchain-based applications are more secure and resilient to attacks than traditional web applications. At the same time, new cybersecurity threats are emerging.

While in the past most attacks focused on stealing data or shutting down systems, with the proliferation of decentralised applications and smart contracts, attackers can now target these and disrupt their operations. Since there is no central authority governing these networks, it is difficult to monitor and manage security vulnerabilities. In addition, these technologies are often used to store sensitive data, making them an attractive target to hackers. The anonymity inherent in Web3 makes it almost impossible to track down and prosecute cybercriminals.

It is important for businesses to prepare for the challenges expected in the near future with a comprehensive security strategy that takes into account the capabilities of Web3. ViVeTech's experts keep abreast of changes in web technologies and cybercriminal techniques, so they can provide professional assistance to their customers in this new era of Internet security.  

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