Your suppliers can also supply you with viruses if you do not pay attention to cyber security


The difficulties of recent years haverepeatedly drawn attention to the vulnerability of global supply chains. Lastyear alone, more than 1,700 organizations suffered cyberattacks through theirsuppliers, which is why their protection is becoming increasingly important. Inthe past, companies focused on preventing physical damage such as theft.However, in the age of digitalisation, cyber-attacks are becoming more common,threatening the entire supply chain.

Cyber defence focuses on identifying the risksinherent in working with external organisations, as hackers are keen to attacksuppliers to gain access to multinational companies' systems. Supply chainsecurity should be a priority to organisations, as a cyber-attack can causehuge financial losses and data loss, as well as reputational damage and evenunintended legal consequences.  TheIdentity Theft Resource Center reports that more than 1,700 organisations and over 10million people were affected by supply chain attacks in 2022 alone.

An in-depth security strategy can greatlyimprove the overall security of the supply chain. Risks cannot be completelyeliminated, but adequate protection will allow for faster recovery from anattack. Companies can do a lot to protect themselves by working only with accreditedor certified suppliers and resellers, who are also subjected to penetration andvulnerability tests before sharing data with them. To do this, it is advisableto engage third-party licensed auditors who can provide an impartial opinion.It is also important to train your own staff and limit access rights tothird-party software.

Prevention is the key to cybersecurity, toensure that malicious attackers do not have the chance to cause damage. Thepace of technological change is incredibly fast, which is difficult to keep upwith, but essential as hackers follow or even dictate the trends. ViVeTech'sexperts can help businesses prepare and provide up-to-date advice on how tooperate a security system. By preparing in advance and identifying future vulnerabilities,companies can protect themselves against potential cyber attacks and viruses.

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